Brechin police car

In Brechin, Ontario, a man was killed after a railway and two automobiles crashed.

Police are asking anybody with information about the collision on Christmas Day to get in touch.
In Brechin, Ontario, a railway impacted two automobiles, killing one guy in the process.

The Rama First Nations Police Service, Rama Paramedic Services, Durham Regional Paramedic Service, Rama Paramedic Services, and the Township of Ramara Fire Department were among the EMS units called to Highway 12 on Christmas Eve at around 11 p.m. for a multi-vehicle collision involving a train, according to the Orillia OPP.

Police have identified the driver of one of the automobiles as Sean Carpenter, 63, of Kirkfield, Ontario, who was declared deceased at the hospital, according to the ontario car accident lawyer.

A second individual was injured but not in danger of dying and was brought to the hospital.

This case is being helped by the OPP Technical Collision Investigation team.