Pickering nuclear plant

According to the Energy Minister, Ontario is considering rebuilding a significant nuclear reactor to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for electricity, which has “surprised” the government. It could keep the plant running for another 30 years.

Energy Minister Todd Smith said the province is now seeking permission from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to extend that until September 2026. The Pickering nuclear generating plant, which last year produced 14 per cent of the country’s electricity, was originally scheduled to close in 2025.

In addition, Smith said, the plant could still provide power to parts of the province for decades. The province has asked Ontario Power Generation to conduct a feasibility study for the renovation.

The independent electric system operator recently said it is optimistic, at least in the medium term, that it can make new purchases, largely based on natural gas, to fill the power supply gap created by the shutdown of Pickering and other units under reconstruction.

Smith, however, argues that Ontario’s “exceptional expansion” may require the use of large-scale Pickering capacity for some time to come.

At a news conference Thursday, he remarked, “I think this growth has shaken even Prime Minister (Doug) Ford and our team.”

This article was written by ontario car accident lawyer editorial staff