Edmonton community league hall vandalized

A community hall in southwest Edmonton was severely destroyed by vandals over the weekend, just one week before it was scheduled to reopen after being attacked in October.

Early on New Year’s Eve, Brookside Hall, one of two rental facilities run by the Riverbend Community League, was vandalized.

The damage, according to League President Miep Raedschelders, is significant.

A suspended ceiling was torn down, and the floors were painted. Racial epithets were spray sprayed on the walls. Kitchen appliances, an electric stove, and bathroom fixtures were all broken. Plumbing and wiring were also damaged.

The building, at 5320 143rd St., had recently been renovated with new flooring after being vandalized in October. In that incident, the floor and ceiling were damaged after a fire extinguisher was discharged on everything in the hall.

“The damage is far worse than the first time around, so it’s going to be quite some time before our hall is able to open up,” Raedschelders said.

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