Brampton police car

Monday night in Brampton, two vehicles collided, killing a woman, according to police.

At around 7:30 p.m., Peel Regional Police received a report of a collision between Torbram Road and Balmoral Avenue in Brampton.

Officers and emergency personnel discovered four injured adults there. One woman was injured, and one male was transported to a nearby hospital, where the woman later passed away.

According to Const, the woman was initially intended to be transported to a trauma center, but there were “critical moments” during transportation when she was missing vital signs. Heather Cannon.

So that they could try to stabilize her there, they transferred her to a nearby hospital, but regrettably, she passed away, according to Cannon.

Another man and woman were also rushed to a trauma center, according to the police. She stated that the severity of their wounds is still unknown.

Police don’t know where each automobile was going, but Cannon claimed there were three people in one car and one person in the second.

According to Cannon, the officers from our central collision bureau and our identification services are already on the scene at the intersection.

But police are doing their investigation; the crossing will be closed for a while, she said.

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